Biometric Screening & Assessment

It’s up to you to protect your health and knowing your health risks is the first place to start. And, Transocean is here to help with free biometric screening and health assessment.

By completing biometric screening and health Assessment each year, you’ll know your strengths and weaknesses then you can make better, more informed health choices and act on any identified risks early – before they get more serious.

Biometric Screening

You can complete your screenings in one of two ways:

  1. Visit a local Quest Diagnostics facility, or
  2. See your personal doctor

If you are going to use a Quest Diagnostics facility, visit and locate a facility near you.  

If you are using your own doctor, you’ll need to download the physician form from and have your provider complete and submit the form for you.

Health Assessment

Your health assessment can be completed using UHC Rally – at Select Get Your Rally Age to get started. Then, Rally can tailor activities designed to help improve your diet, fitness and mood – all designed for you.

For Accurate Screening Results

  • clock
    Fast – avoid drinking or eating anything other than water and daily medications at least 12 hours before your screening time, and
  • restriction
    Avoid any strenuous exercise and alcoholic beverages 24 hours before your screening


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