April is for Assessing Your Financial Literacy

Issue: April 2024

April is Financial Literacy Month, marking a good time to assess your financial goals and what it will take to get you there.

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What is “Rounding Up” and is it for Me?

Imagine if saving money was as easy as buying your morning coffee. With "rounding up" services from banks and apps, it can be! Learn how this fuss-free method helps you save without even trying. Is this the financial hack you've been looking for? Find out more!

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Financial Reset: Smart January Money Moves

Whether you make resolutions for the new year or not, there are some practical and relatively painless things you can do to start your financial year on the right note. According to Fidelity, January is an ideal time to conduct an annual review of your finances to evaluate your savings, investments, budget, and assets. As part of the process, set short- and long-term goals and consider some simple ways to help you reach them.

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The Best Gift for Your Accountant: Preparedness

It happens every year—time to think about getting our 2023 tax materials organized and ready early in the new year. In addition to that organization, however, there are other things you can do now to make your or your accountant’s life easier:

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Fidelity TIPs Can Help with Year-End Financial Anxiety

The holidays are riddled with excesses, and often that also means spending more than we do in a typical month. That can add to the stress of an already frenzied time, particularly when household budgets are already strained when everything seems to cost more.

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Your Benefits at Work: Savings with Some Heart

If you participate in the Transocean HSA Plus or HSA Basic,you have a big advantage.

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Charting a Path to Prevention: Fidelity Auto Increase and Auto Rebalance

Prevention doesn’t always mean physical health awareness.

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Charting A Path to Prevention: Preventive CT Scans, Help or Hype?

Issue: November

Full body X-ray computed tomography (CT) and computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans are being marketed as the latest trend in preventive medicine. But are they worth the cost and exposure to harmful radiation?

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Explore: New Year, New Goals

The new year is a perfect time to clear the decks and plan for any changes you want to make in your life in the months ahead. That’s all easier said than done.

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Your Benefits at Work: Are You Saving a Little or a Latte?

Issue: March 2020

We all know how important it is to save for retirement – that’s why Transocean provides you a couple of tax-advantaged savings options.

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Charting A Path to Prevention: Fidelity Financial Advisors

Issue: June

When you make a big purchase or life-changing move, like buying a house or having a baby, you probably look to professionals for some advice. That information not only gives you peace of mind and prepares you to take action it may also help you avoid making costly mistakes

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Staying the Course When Markets Are Stormy

Issue: June 2022

With the news of inflation and market volatility on every media outlet, it can be tough to quiet our worries when we see our investments and 401(k) accounts showing losses. Remembering that the economy has gone through cycles throughout time can help us stay the course and keep us from overreacting.

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Personalize Your Financial Strategy with Fidelity

What’s your investment IQ? Do you prefer the “DIY investment” approach, where you make all of the decisions? Does making your own investment decisions intimidate you? Or do you prefer to be somewhat involved, but with expert guidance and management? When it comes to planning for your retirement, Fidelity has an investment strategy tailored just for you, regardless of where you fall on the investment-savvy spectrum.

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Are You Using the Right Vehicles to Drive Your Savings Forward?

Issue: July 2023

Today’s news headlines often report higher interest rates with a sense of doom and gloom. While those rates can increase the cost of borrowing money, they can offer a bright spot to savers.

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