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Your Benefits at Work: Cancer Support Program

When you receive a cancer diagnosis, it helps to have a good support system, including doctors, family, friends and programs that offer help throughout your journey. Your Transocean medical plan, administered by UHC, gives you access to the Cancer Support Program, which provides oncology case management.

The program offers individualized coaching and education for both adult and pediatric patients diagnosed with cancer and focuses on supporting cancer patients who may be at high risk for complications and side effects associated with their cancer or treatment.

Support from cancer nurses

UHC specialized cancer nurses can:

  • Support and reinforce your treatment plan, emphasizing symptom management.
  • Collaborate with you to help provide education and support.
  • Work with you and your caregivers to support your clinical and psychological and social needs in partnership with program social workers and other resources.

How to access the program

You don’t have to do a thing. When you are diagnosed, UHC will contact you directly and offer support that is appropriate for your condition.

You don’t have to wait for UHC’s call, though. If you are facing a cancer diagnosis, you can call the number on the back of your medical ID card to start receiving treatment decision support, case management and overall oncology guidance  from one of the UHC cancer nurses today.

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