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Transocean Discount Marketplace

As households look for creative ways to stretch their budgets, what could be more empowering than the hundreds of discounts from your Discount Marketplace? Whether you’re searching for everyday essentials, a well-deserved luxury indulgence, or tools for self-improvement, you’ll find it all here. Take a look at the variety of available discounts – from A to Z (Referral Code: KWVC9V).

  • A = How about an Apple watch? Or on the more practical side, check out savings on auto insurance or replace your older appliances with something more energy efficient.
  • B = Get some heavy backyard vibes this spring with BBQGuys while you tune out the world with Beats by Dr. Dre.
  • C = Car rental or purchase. How about a convertible for driving up the coast?
  • D = Demystify your dog’s breeding with a pet DNA test kit (you can find them for humans, too!).
  • E = Education: From the early beginnings of daycare to college, snagging an education discount shows smarts.
  • F = You’ll be floored at the savings while your feet will love new flooring, carpet, and even gel mats.
  • G = Golf, groceries and a GoHenry debit card for kids. Who says you can’t combine fun with practicality?
  • H = Make someone (or yourself) happy! Choose from hotel deals, hockey tickets, health club memberships, or handy household services.
  • I = There’s no “I” in deal, but there is in iPad!
  • J = Jewelry. Enough said!
  • K = Keto Cycle app to help you track your ketogenic lifestyle efforts – and make some keto-friendly coffee in your Keurig!
  • L = Did you know you can narrow your search on the Marketplace to local deals? Maybe you can even snare some lobster.
  • M = Many people still enjoy magazines – the old-fashioned kind that collect on your coffee table. Now you can get a discount on subscriptions. Or, look for deals on a mortgage from several financial institutions.
  • N = Nike just says you know what to do.
  • O = How about Omaha Steaks for you and Ollie pet food for Fido?
  • P = And while you’re at it, protect Fido with some affordable pet insurance.
  • Q = Quality at a discount? Yes, please! Find quality home décor and bedding at QE Home.
  • R = Relax! You’ll find plenty of options for recharging; check out in-home spa services, a mood-altering wearable device, or an RV rental for a convenient get-away.
  • S = Spring break is just around the corner! Scour discounted travel deals and be the star of your family’s vacation.
  • T = A TurboTax filing can make tax time a bit less painful. (So can theater tickets.)
  • U = Get your affairs under control with help from US Legal Forms, then blow off some steam in your Under Armour activewear.
  • V = Verizon is more than just cellphones. Look for deals on home internet service, gaming products, and more.
  • W = Wine. Find your new favorite wine.
  • X = You might think finding something that starts with X would be tough – but not on Discount Marketplace! Check out Xfinity (Mobile and Residential), and XPlusWear.
  • Y = Just say Yes to some fabletics from Yitty, a bit of Yoga Your Way, and a cold drink from your Yeti.
  • Z = Cap a day at the Zoo with a meal at home on your Z Grill and then finally, a La-Z-Boy nap.

If you think these examples are exhaustive, think again – there’s much more to choose from! So why not maximize the value of your employee benefits and save money? Visit your Discount Marketplace today and pick a letter – any letter!Yes! In fact, how about an “E” for Every day! A to Z – from college to computers and flooring to flowers – your Transocean Discount Marketplace spells out vast savings. Whether you’re searching for everyday essentials, a well-deserved luxury indulgence, or tools for self-improvement, you’ll find it all here.

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