Transocean Discount Marketplace

Issue: March 2024

Do you know how to spell Savings? If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve checked out our Discount Marketplace, or you peruse the same familiar categories, now is a good time to run through the alphabet of savings available to you and your family!

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Financial Reset: Smart January Money Moves

Whether you make resolutions for the new year or not, there are some practical and relatively painless things you can do to start your financial year on the right note. According to Fidelity, January is an ideal time to conduct an annual review of your finances to evaluate your savings, investments, budget, and assets. As part of the process, set short- and long-term goals and consider some simple ways to help you reach them.

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Explore: The New Transocean Discount Marketplace

The word is out! The new Transocean Discount Marketplace is now available to all employees, as of February 1.

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Explore: Check Out Discount Marketplace Holiday Deals and Savings

If you’ve been online or at stores to do holiday shopping, you may be having a bit of sticker shock. Recent surveys predict that consumer prices will be up more than 26% this year due to inflation and increased costs for retailers and manufacturers. If you missed the Black Friday sales or you’re just looking for discounts on merchandise, services or activities in the New Year, check out the deals that Transocean offers through Discount Marketplace. Here are just a few examples of some of the great discounts on the site:

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Create an Amazing “Staycation” With Your Discount Marketplace!

Issue: July 2022

Don’t let higher gas prices and airline hassles put a damper on a fun-filled summer. Check out the deals in your Transocean Discount Marketplace for offers on attractions in your own backyard—and others that can help stretch your vacation budget further when you do decide to travel. Even getting a deal on a nearby hotel can create a welcome break from the responsibilities at home while providing the entire family with fun and relaxation!

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